Reviews and Views of the Margaret Garrett Exhibition

"The longer I gazed in particular at [Margaret Garrett's] many pieces that are steeped in shades of blue, the more I was brought back to the images from a favorite film, Jazz on a Summer’s Day, the 1960 documentary juxtaposing performances from the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival with scenes of the that year’s America’s Cup yacht races. This is especially true of the large-scale oil-on-linen entitled Tuning Fields 276 (2012) and its smaller acrylic-on-paper brethren Tuning Fields 224, Tuning Fields 246, and Tuning Fields 247 (all from 2011)," says Laura Van Straaten in Whitewall magazine about the Margaret Garrett exhibition at Birnam Woods Galleries in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Read more>>

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Thursday, February 6, 2014