National Portrait Gallery Features David Datuna with Google Glass

Seeking to expand further into novel, groundbreaking areas of contemporary art, the National Portrait Gallery had high hopes for David Datuna’s multi-dimensional work Viewpoint of Billions: Portrait of America. What they may not have anticipated was that Viewpoint of Billions would draw a crush of thousands. Over the course of a long weekend, the installation drew in 23,000 expectant and excited viewers, many like White House Chief of Staff McDonough waiting in line for hours to see and it.

“When you give a visionary like David Datuna new tools…amazing things happen.”
--Nik Apostolides, Associate Director, National Portrait Gallery

Or perhaps more accurately experience it.

The piece is a truly interactive work of art; the first contemporary art work to fully integrate the use of the wearable computer, Google Glass. In his flag series, Datuna has distilled this most familiar emblem to a dialogue on culture and identity, re-imagining our most potent national symbol. In Portrait of America, Google Glass provides a seamless way for the artist to extend his narrative to the viewer. Using a 21st Century tool, his visual language of collaged fragments of shared American experience is fused with the limitless possibilities of the wearable computer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014